Small Business Arts Mentorship Program (SBAM)

Acquire knowledge through hands-on experience

Welcome to the Small Business Arts Mentorship Program (SBAM). SBAM is the latest addition to our membership program. It is a pilot incubator that gives graduating or emerging arts creatives and entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn hands-on best practices on how to operate a sustainable arts business in our creative Studio environment.

Mentorship can become an important part of an artist’s creative growth. Receive the support you need to enhance your skill set so that you can thrive in your chosen practice. While we are an art glass team, our knowledge and experience can be applied to all sectors of the arts. Is your artistic practice or arts career ready for the next stage?

2023–24 Mentees

For more information on our current mentees and their SBAM goals, see their profiles:

SBAM accepts mentee applicants on a semi-annual basis. We are currently accepting applications for SBAM's fall entry.

For more information, view the SBAM Information sheet.

About SBAM

  • Dedicated Studio access time

    Receive up to six hours of in Studio access per month (72 hours/year) to teach your craft, showcase your work, or host other events. These hours are non-accruable. Capacity is limited to 18 people.

    Benefits include:

    • Validation and support for your activities
    • Marketing for in Studio workshops, shows, and events
    • Liability insurance coverage in Studio
    • Access to parking and public transit
    • Hand tool usage for in Studio glass activities


    Small Business Arts Mentee is responsible for:

    • Payment processing for events, shows, and teaching
    • Clean up and set up (time included in the access time)
    • Providing six week lead time for Studio planning
    • $500 refundable security deposit required for in Studio activities to cover use of hand tools, damage, and liability

    These privileges are subject to the Studio’s non-competition agreement.

    Value: $3,600/year

  • Internship

    Receive eight hours per month (96 hours/year) of practical experience, including:

    Arts and business consulting:

    • Business plan development
    • Group mentoring
    • One on one counselling

    Training and orientation:

    • Assisting
    • Auditing
    • Project research and development
    • Retail and inventory management
    • Video editing

    Work experience:

    • Retail sales
    • Studio operations

    Value: $2,400/training

  • Marketing

    Includes consultation and collateral design and promotion on Studio web site and social media.

    In Studio activities, whether shows, teaching, or other events will feature Studio branding.

    Value: $2,000/year

  • Studio credit

    Up to $1,000/year of combined:

    • Discounted retail purchasing
    • Educational fees
    • Studio service fees

    These credits are non-accruable and non-transferrable.

    Not included:

    • Large equipment rental
    • Membership events
    • Printing of marketing materials

    Value: $1,000/year

  • Fee

    Total value: $9,000/year

    Annual fee: $5,000 + HST + refundable security deposit

Frequently asked questions

  • How long is the SBAM program?

    SBAM is a 12-month long program. Initially, semesters will begin in January, but we plan to offer semi-annual registration with a summer start.

  • I have a job. How can I do my job and participate in SBAM?

    SBAM is a flexible program that is tailored to the individual's needs. We are respectful of your obligations elsewhere and will collaborate with you to create a plan that will allow you to balance work, life, and personal growth.

  • Will I receive a certificate upon completion of SBAM?

    Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of SBAM. The year-long experience will have enhanced your skills in so many areas of your discipline.

  • What are the mentee participation requirements?

    Qualifying participants have either completed an arts program, have recently embarked on an arts career, or are artists who want to expand their skill-set. The interview process will determine whether or not this is the right program for you.