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Who We Are

Elizabeth Beecham

  • artist | creative director

    Active in kiln worked glass creation since 2006, Elizabeth came to the field in an unconventional way. An avid collector of contemporary art glass, opportunities to travel to glass factories and studios across Canada and the US led to a hands-on exploration of traditional and modern methods of manipulating glass elements into functional and sculptural forms. After 20+ years in commercial publishing, Elizabeth ventured into the art glass discipline on a full time basis. Experimentation is essential to her creative methodology.


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Melanie Kidd

  • artist | education director

    Traditionally trained in the visual arts, Melanie focused her creative exploration in sculpture through pottery and traditional stained glass. Melanie expanded her studies into the world of kiln worked glass learning from renowned glass artists throughout Canada and the US. She has participated in conferences, studio networking initiatives and art glass events. From student to mentor, she has enjoyed sharing her passion for kiln worked glass and has worked in the industry producing and instructing as a professional for the last ten years. She has developed and provided beginner and advanced fused and stained glass workshops and programs and her passion for fused glass is obvious in her unique, professionally executed artwork. She has an in-depth understanding of the science of kiln work and thrives on pushing the material to its limit.


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