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Whatever your membership level, you are entitled to discounted pricing on supplies purchased through our Order desk.

Reservation system

During this time, we are minimizing our overhead but want to continue to supply you with the glass you need.

Most of the sheet glass we order is in 2-foot x 2-foot squares. If you only want one square foot of glass we have set up a reservation system that will allow you to know how many square feet have been requested on the wait list. When a full sheet has been reserved, we will complete the order. This means that you can split the order with other members.

View our Oceanside compatible glass inventory (Last updated: August 30, 2020)

When you are ready to order, email to expedite the updating of the inventory data. Please indicate the glass ID number and the number of square feet you want to reserve.

What is Oceanside compatible glass?

Oceanside's compatible glass is 96 COE textured and smooth glass that can be used for both fusing and stained glass applications.

If you are used to cutting and fusing the smooth glass (solid colour, cathedral or opal), that glass is highlighted in "grey" for easy identification. Due to its popularity and manufacturing processes, this glass will be more likely to be in stock than the coloured textured glass. Iridescent, OpalArt, and Spirit glass are in the inventory, but that doesn't mean they are readily available or in general production. In the Oceanside compatible glass inventory and the OGT glass catalogues there are coloured swatches to show you the tonal value of each glass. These swatches are fairly accurate, but if you choose a glass that has a lot of action in it, you may want to talk to Melanie about its density and whether or not its pattern direction or movement is relevant to the piece you are working on.

Note: If you are a stained and fused glass artist, consider storing compatible glass and stained glass separately (or clearly label them) so you don’t end up with issues of incompatibility in the kiln.

How to order

You will need to know the colour names/product ID, SKUs and quantity of glass material. If you need help with colour selection, we can help you. When you are ready to order, email Please indicate the glass ID number and the number of square feet you want to reserve.

To help you with your selection, you can download or print the Order form.