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The Glasstronomy Studios partnership was established in 2012 to share a passion for all things glass. Combined interests in revitalizing stained glass and evolving our own kiln worked glass techniques has matured into a long-term strategy to share that knowledge with other enthusiasts through our education programs, workshops, and finished work.


We strive to creatively provide professional quality service, education and art work in stained and kiln worked glass to businesses, educational centres and the general public. We maintain a healthy balance of artistic and scientific sensibilities in all our glass creations. We endeavour to innovate, collaborate, create, and educate—while having a lot of fun in the process.

We aim to test and expand the art glass market and make art glass a viable form of self-expression. Our contemporary approach to design and function combined with our firm belief that creativity is in itself a therapeutic, transformational, and rewarding enterprise are what makes Glasstronomy Studios a unique option for art glass education and production.