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Some of us regularly show and sell our work in craft shows and galleries. In the time of COVID-19, these opportunities have diminished or changed to online platforms. If you have a call to entry to share, email us the details at and we will post them here.

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  • Toronto Mycelial Network | Ongoing

    We invite you to connect with us and the Toronto arts community by creating a mushroom at home! Note this program has been updated to allow for any interpretation of mushroom creations (3D and 2D!)


    An art project to participate in at home
    Ongoing project during 2020
    Follow along here: @torontomycelialnetwork

    Mushrooms can be a great distance apart, but are connected to the same invisible network.

    Mushrooms grow out of sight, connected to an unseen latticework just beneath the surface.

    Mushrooms grow on the old, process nature and signify times of change.

    So, make a mushroom with East End Arts and our family of LASOs: North York Arts, Arts Etobicoke, Lakeshore Arts, Scarborough Arts and Urban Arts! Your mushroom can be 3-dimensional and made from supplies like felt or papier-mache, or it can be 2-dimensional in the form of a painting or drawing. Feel free to be creative and use whatever art supplies you find at home!

    While we are all physically distant, let’s make something together to stay connected.

    When you’ve completed your mushroom, we invite you to share a photo of your creation as a post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #InvisibleNetworkTO. It’s that simple! This is an opportunity to be creative and have fun making a mushroom, while helping to contribute to a larger, city-wide project that demonstrates our resilience and determination to stay connected, amidst physical distancing.

    How to participate:

    1. 1. Make a mushroom. Document & share your process, if you feel like sharing!

      2. Post your mushroom on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag #InvisibleNetworkTO. Be sure to tag your crafty friends to keep the network growing!

      3. Follow our main account on Instagram, @torontomycelialnetwork, where we will re-share all the creations posted with our hashtag, fun mushroom facts, weekly mushroom contests, prompts, and more!

    The Toronto Mycelial Network was created and initiated by East End Arts, and has been supported by our family of LASOs to expand and grow the network to all corners of Toronto! Members from any community in the city of Toronto and beyond are invited to join all of us in making a mushroom at home, and being connected in times of social distancing.

    Click to view the #InvisibleNetworkTO on Instagram